Our complaints policy

Complaints policy

We recently updated our complaints policy (which we call our 'Customer Feedback Policy') in line with the Housing Ombudsman's Complaints Handling Code. We took the policy to our Customer Community group to review and agree on the changes we made.



So, what we did...

After a review with the Customer Community, we...

  • Clarified that responses to stage 2 complaint would be made “in full” after 20 days and these words were added into the policy.
  • Clarified that in some circumstances stage 2 complaints may be referred to a different department to review
  • Have included the requirement for staff to keep customers up to date in the way they have been asked to be updated
  • Have added in a reference to our data retention policy when talking about how long we keep complaints data for
  • Have added in “Any other relevant information” to the list of items we will include in a response letter
  • Have changed from saying it is ‘service led’ to saying that complaints are assigned to the member of staff that is best placed to answer them depending on the nature of the complaint.

How we got our feedback

Our Customer Community members

April 2019-April 2020

Focus groups via Zoom