Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs

If you have an emergency repair, we want to sort it as quickly as possible. 

Please call. Don't report emergencies online.

Click the links below to find the right number for your emergency.


Who to call:


Things you may need to know in an emergency:


A repair is an emergency if it puts your health, safety / security at immediate risk, or if it's going to cause major damage to the property. This includes situations like...

  • A major leak that you can't control.
  • When you've lost all power.
  • If you lose heating / hot water during the winter or when you have someone vulnerable living in your home.
  • You can't lock your home.
  • Your only bath / shower or toilet is blocked.*


*Warning - if we find that you've put something down the drain to block the system - e.g. baby wipes - you may be charged for the repair.

We aim to get emergency repairs sorted within 24 hours.

In most cases, no.

But we may have to charge you if:

  • The issue was caused by damage / misuse of your home.
  • It's something you're responsible for - for example, a problem caused by an appliance you own.


If you don't think your repair is an emergency, you can report it online. Click here to find out more about how to order a repair.