Can I sublet my home?

As a tenant, generally you can't sublet your home, however, you might be able to take in a lodger, you can double-check this in your tenancy agreement. 

Lodgers can rent a room in your home whilst you are still living there. It's important to know this may affect your housing benefit, speak to your local Citizen's Advice for free, confidential advice. 

You can also chat with us. The easiest way to do this is online via live chat, or via your myB3Living account.

If you'd prefer to talk over the phone, call us on 01992 453 700.

Subletting without permission is classed as tenancy fraud.


Neighbourhood issues

As a leaseholder, you don't need our permission to rent out your home, however, you need to let us know and make sure your details are kept up to date. 

This includes:

• Correspondence address
• Mobile numbers
• Landline numbers (home and work)
• Email addresses

It will be your responsibility to make sure your tenant is aware of the terms of their agreement, as we will not hold a contract with them.

Have any questions or just fancy chatting to us? You can reach us via live chat, your myB3Living account, or phone 01992 453 700.


Shared Ownership is an affordable housing option designed to help buyers get onto the property ladder. With this in mind, subletting is not allowed under the terms of a Shared Ownership lease, unless you purchase the remaining share of equity in the property outright, this is referred to as “staircasing”.

If you are experiencing financial hardship or need to move but are struggling to sell your shared ownership property, contact us so we can discuss your options.

Shared ownership