The White House

White House

36 Homes - High Street, Cheshunt
  • Tenures: Affordable rent
  • Properties: 36 Homes - 35 affordable rent and 1 social rent
  • Developer: TBC
  • Funders: TBC
  • Local authority: Broxbourne Borough Council

What happens next?

  • B3Living: Keep neighbours updated on anticipated start dates. 
  • B3Living: Appoint a contractor. 


Two years ago, the White House building on Cheshunt High Street was demolished.  Since then, you may have walked past the building site and had questions about the future of the space.

Although our original plans were approved, we received lots of positive feedback and some helpful comments from neighbours and wanted to take these on board. So, we went back, working closely with the Borough of Broxbourne Council to create a more community-focused design.

Following our community's feedback, we then: 

  • Reduced the scale. 
  • Introduced more space.
  • Added visual interest. 


We’ve listened to neighbours and worked closely with local partners to evolve these plans and wish to keep this dialogue open. 

The planning process includes a public consultation where you can share your views on the updated plans. We are also happy to answer any queries from local people.

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