Leasehold accounts

Leasehold accounts explained


When you buy your property, B3Living is still responsible for the upkeep of the structure, exterior and communal parts of the block. As a homeowner, you pay a share of the cost of these services, and we'll send you leasehold accounts twice a year.

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Leasehold accounts process

With service charges, the complicated thing is the way the two processes overlap. As a homeowner, you’ll get two statements per year – one with estimated charges and another with the final, “actual” costs.

Service charges change in April every year – following the financial year. But, because of the time it takes to calculate how much was spent in the year that’s just finished and then get those calculations audited – final costs reach you a few months after the financial year ends.

GIF showing the service charges timeline. Details of this in the text below

Click here for more information about how we calculate the different service charges you'll see on your accounts.


How refunds work

When we calculate our final costs for the year, sometimes they are less than what we estimated and you would receive a refund. You'll get refunds automatically by:

BACS - if you normally pay by direct debit

Credit on your account - if you don't pay by direct debit


If you’re worried about paying your charges, there are service available to help homeowners. Please keep us in the loop – we can be sensitive to your situation and may be able to offer some help. Click here to see the support options available.

If you are struggling to pay your service charges please tell us immediately so we can help. Please use the live chat below, or you can call 01992 453 700 or email