Cutting carbon

by 2030


When it comes to climate change, housing has a big role to play.

Homes represent 25% of UK carbon emissions. Climate change directly impacts on people’s health and well-being and disproportionately affects the poor and vulnerable. We’re committed to doing our bit in the drive for a more sustainable future.



Our aim is to make our operations
carbon neutral by 2030.



We’ve set ambitious targets to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and make them more sustainable. We will also build new homes to high environmental standards.

By 2024 we want to have…


SAP rating


SAP rating
Icon showing leaves in the shape of the recycling icon


SHIFT sustainability standard (externally assessed)

Homes with EPC C and above


Homes with EPC C and above




What we're doing to get there


Working together

We want Hertfordshire to be more green - and, luckily, we're not alone! We've banded together with fellow social landlords, settle and Watford Community Housing to launch Greener Herts: a sustainability partnership.


Our Green Panel brings B3Living customers together with other social housing residents from across Hertfordshire.

Together, the Panel is here to influence our direction as a partnership.

Customer engagement is key to the success of any sustainability project, so the Green Panel acts as our sounding board. They helps us make sure that those customers affected by new technology or changes to their home have the best possible experience and are well-equipped to live in a more eco-friendly home.

To coordinate efforts across the three partners, we have recruited a shared Sustainability Lead.

They focus on researching and piloting new schemes and technologies, with the aim of putting our partnership the vanguard of modern, eco-friendly housing management.

All three landlords have joint funded this position to ensure effective collaboration so that our combined efforts can drive us toward our net-zero carbon targets.

Across our three housing associations, we own more than 20,000 homes. We believe we can make a real difference by combining our efforts, resources, and buying power. Together, we’re identifying more sustainable ways of working and investing in more energy-efficient homes.




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Taking action

Within B3Living, we've brought together a Net-Zero Working Group including colleagues from across the organisation. We're looking at everything we do to see how we could be more efficient - from office waste to how we build new homes.

Some achievements of the group so far:

  • New hybrid vans
  • Training for our electricians on solar PV maintenance
  • Reducing tonnes of office waste
  • Electric car charging at our office and on new estates



Monitoring our impact with SHIFT

We’ve signed up to SHIFT: the independent sustainability accreditation scheme for the housing sector, provided by Suss Housing.

Our annual SHIFT assessment tells us how we are delivering against environmental targets and how our environmental standards compare to our peers.

We use our SHIFT assessment to set our action plan for the year ahead. It helps us identify how we can improve the quality of life for our customers and protect the environment for everyone.

SHIFT logo Silver 2021




Latest updates on sustainability at B3Living...


We’ve received a SHIFT Gold award for sustainability in our homes!

We’ve received a SHIFT Gold award for sustainability in our homes!

Thursday, 11 April 2024

Category: Sustainability

We've secured funding to improve 260 homes

We've secured funding to improve 260 homes

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Category: Sustainability

Joint bid for works to reduce carbon footprint submitted

Joint bid for works to reduce carbon footprint submitted

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Category: Sustainability