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We always aim to provide an excellent customer experience, and we analyse all our complaints every year to make sure we learn from them.

You can find some examples here of how complaints have changed our service.


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If you prefer, you can speak to us on our live chat below (9am-5pm) or call 01992 453700.


How the process works

Diagram showing the complaints process. Full investigation at stage 1, investigation by a senior manager at stage 2 and the next step after this is to go to the Housing Ombudsman.

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  1. You contact us with your complaint.
  2. Stage 1: if you don't feel we've resolved it, let us know and we'll do a full investigation (we'll confirm we're working on it within 5 working days, and try to finish our investigation in 10 working days).
  3. Stage 2: let us know if you're not happy with our investigation and we'll get a senior manager to review and investigate further (we'll confirm we're working on it within 5 working days, and try to finish our investigation in 20 working days).
  4. This is the end of our process. But, if you're not happy with the outcome, you can make a complaint to the Housing Ombudsman. (You can contact them at any point during your complaint.)

If you can't use the form above, you can still make a complaint. You can...

The Ombudsman is, simply, someone who investigates complaints.

They can make an independent and impartial decision on a complaint and are there to make sure everyone gets fair treatment.

They resolve complaints as quickly as possible and suggest most appropriate outcome based on the evidence they see. You can find out more about their service here.

You can contact them about your complaint at any point.

Click here to go to their website

But we'd like the opportunity to try to put things right in the first instance. If you've gone through our process and aren't happy with the final outcome, then you might want to contact the Ombudsman for to investigate our response.  

The Housing Ombudsman's service is free.