Moving in advice for customers

Your moving in guide

A warm welcome! We hope you enjoy your new home.

We know moving home can be a daunting and overwhelming time with lots of things to take in and remember. So, to make things a little easier, we have put together a few pointers below to get you started.

Your 'rent' covers quite a few different things and is split into three different sections:

  • Rent
  • Service charges
  • Management fees

To see a breakdown of what your charges cover, see here.

We recommend setting up a direct debit to pay your charges, but we also have other options available if this doesn't work for you. Click here to find out more.

MyB3Living helps you to do all the little, but important, things, anytime, anywhere.

Use myB3Living to:

  • Log a repair or service
  • See your balance and request a statement
  • Report graffiti, fly tipping or other anti-social behaviour
  • Change your details

…and much more.

For details on how to set up your account, click here.

To download the app, click here.


Rubbish and bin collections are arranged by your local council - so it's a good idea to check their website to find out when your collection day is.

When moving into your home, you may have lots of rubbish and cardboard to dispose of. To make sure this is collected, please click here to find out more about our bins areas.

If you are thinking about carrying out some DIY, or home renovations, there are a few things you will need to consider first. Click here to find out more.

Our policy does not cover the contents of your home in any way. We do recommend that you arrange insurance to cover your contents. You can get further advice from your bank or building society or from an insurance broker.

The National Housing Federation offers a 'My Home Content Insurance' scheme. For more information click here or call 0845 337 2463.


At B3Living, we are responsible for the upkeep of the structure, exterior and communal parts of your block. So as a leaseholder and shared owner, you pay a share of the cost of these services – which is called a service charge.

For shared owners, the amount of rent you pay depends on:

  • The size of the share you own. Generally, the more shares you own, the lower your rent.
  • The value of your property at the time of the initial purchase.
  • Annual inflation rate.

Depending on the type of property you have, you will have different charges with B3Living. Click here for full information about how the process works and how your charges are calculated.

There are several different ways to pay, which you can find out more about here.

If you need support with paying your charges, please contact us by using this form.

Our myB3Living app is available to access 24/7. You can use this to:

  1. View your balance and transactions
  2. Request a statement
  3. Request money advice
  4. Report anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping
  5. Request changes to your home i.e. extension

…and so much more.

For details on how to set up your account, click here.

Click here to download the app.

The interior of your home is your responsibility which means repairs, maintenance, decorations and any changes you make inside your home are down to you.

However, we own the structure of the building so it is our responsibility for the upkeep of these areas. For example:

  • External walls
  • Window frames
  • Communal stairs, walkways, passages and paths

More information on responsibilities can be found in your home user guide.

What about extensions and major changes to your home?

You can do this via the ‘request permission’ section of our app at any time.

If you are planning to sub-let your home, you will need to notify us so we can send you a registration form. You can find out more about sub-letting by clicking here.

Although we insure the building where you live, this does not cover the contents inside your home.

We highly recommend that you arrange contents insurance to cover your contents if the worse were to happen, such as a fire.

You can get further advice from your bank or building society or from an insurance broker. If you sublet your property, you may need additional Landlords Insurance.

The National Housing Federation offers a My Home Content Insurance scheme. For more information click here or call 0845 337 2463.