Communication during repairs

Communication during repairs

Our 2019-20 repairs surveys showed that, although we were performing well, we needed to get better at communicating with customers. We spotted issues around:

  • Changes to appointments.
  • Letting a customer know when an issue hasn't been fixed and we need to come back (e.g. with parts).
  • Customers with visual impairments couldn't read our name badges.



So, what we did...

  • We're only booking in same-day appointments for emergencies. Although it was good to fix the repair quickly, we often had to let customers down when emergencies came in.
  • As of March 2020, all our operatives now have braille name badges.
  • We given our trade operatives training on things like:
    • Alerting colleagues when there is a problem on a job, so we can make sure the customer is aware.
    • Letting customers know when any rubbish/debris left outside their home will be collected.
  • We are setting up a customer service training session for all our trade operatives.
  • We've had a big push to make sure our Customers Services teams are recording every contact they have with a customer. Every time you contact us, even for a quick call, we should log it.

We are also creating a Repairs Charter in consultation with our Customer Community. The Charter will set out our service standards for repairs - more info coming soon.

How we got our feedback

1,200 customers

July 2019-March 2020

Telephone surveys with customers who have had a recent repair