Registering with myB3Living

Registering with myB3Living

We sent a feedback survey to the first customers to sign up to our new myB3Living service. All customers had accounts on our old system (SeeMyData).

  • 22 out of 24 said it was really easy to register
  • 23 out of 24 said everything worked and that they could find what they were looking for.
  • ALL respondents said they were looking for rent.

But a few customers mentioned that we could make the registration process more clear as they had got a bit stuck at this point.



So, what we did...

  • We made a step-by-step video guide for registering which we included on our website and email newsletter.
  • We created an automatic check that would flag any customers who had not been able to register. We then email them with more details help.
  • We added link to the registration email so users can get back to the website if they exit by mistake.

Our customers also asked for the following upgrades, which we weren't able to do straight away. We're working with our technical provider to see what we can do:

  • Build online payments into the app.
  • Change the formatting on the 'Additional details' form.
  • Change references to 'username' to say 'email address'.

How we got our feedback

The first 24 myB3Living users

May 2020

Feedback survey sent to the first customers to sign up to our new myB3Living app