New home standards

New home standards

We want to make sure customers start off on the right foot.

So we did a new customer survey in December 2020, asking customers who had just moved in about their experience. Flooring came up as a theme. Customers told us that they had “bare, untreated floors” and “concrete floors” when they moved in.

So, recently we took this back to our Customer Community to gather feedback on what would be important to them if they were to move into a new home. We asked whether they would prefer to have flooring or blinds fitted when they moved in and why this is important to them.

What we learned from our survey: 

  • 86% said they'd prefer flooring over blinds.
  • People felt flooring was expensive but something essential to have, especially in the hallways.
  • We need to pay attention to the details - like nails in the floor, etc.



So, what we did...

On the back of this feedback and wanting to improve our customers' experience with B3Living and their new home, we have now launched a pilot scheme.

  • We have 20 homes in the pilot.
  • All 20 properties will be finished with white walls and white blinds as standard.
  • Customers will have a choice between flooring - carpets or vinyl. Carpets will only be offered in flats above a ground floor, to reduce noise.*
  • Customers will be offered a choice of grey or beige flooring.*
  • Where the home needs a new kitchen or bathroom, customers will be offered choice on the finishings.

(*Customers' choices will depend on when the customer gets nominated to us from the council.  There may be times when B3Living has to choose so a customer can move into their new home as soon as possible.)

So far feedback has been positive...

  • “This is not what I was expecting”
  • “Everything is new, I can’t believe it”
  • “I’m so impressed”

We'll post more updates once the pilot is finished.

How we got our feedback


Our Customer Community network - find out more about them here


September-October 2021


Online / telephone survey