En suites vs storage

En suites vs storage

We asked our Customer Community to gather feedback on the potential design of new build homes.

We showed our customers the floor plan for a new build property and asked what their preferred option would be if they were given the choice between an ensuite bathroom or additional storage space inside their home.

The results showed:

  • 64% said they would prefer additional storage
  • 21% said they would prefer an ensuite bathroom
  • 15% said they would be happy with either



So, what we did...

Across our new estate in Cheshunt, there are 104 new homes. Of those, 52 currently have en-suites, which is exactly 50%.

Following the consultation with our customers, 64% said they would prefer additional storage space, so we will be removing 18 ensuite bathrooms and making them into additional storage spaces. 

Thanks to the feedback from our customers, this means we are able to offer more affordable homes to our wider community that suit the needs of future customers.

How we got our feedback

Our Customer Community members

February 2021

Email survey and a poll via Facebook