Reviewing our website

Reviewing our website

Our website was set up in 2012 – which is a long time ago for a website. 

We thought it could be more up to date. We also noticed that lots of people are going to ‘Contact us’, which suggests they couldn’t find what they needed on the website or found it hard to use. 

What we learned from our data tracking: 

  • Most of you are using our website on your phone – so we need to improve the mobile design.
  • You don’t want to scroll down too far. 
  • Homeowners aren’t using the website as often – so we need to make it more useful for you. 

What we learned from our focus groups: 

  • We need to have as few clicks to get to a service as possible. 
  • We have one shot – if you can’t find what you need the first time you use the website, you might not come back. 
  • ‘Anti-social behaviour’ wasn’t a word people used. 
  • Everyone had a different view on grouping the information. These groups were consistent between the different testers: 
  • Money/rent 
  • Reporting an issue/repair 
  • Maintenance
  • Advice/support (foodbanks, domestic abuse, financial advice) 
  • Neighbour issues (noise, drugs) 
  • Moving home – selling, subletting,  
  • Older customers 
  • Info for new customers 



So, what we did...

  • We’re taking a ‘mobile-first’ approach to designing the new website. 
  • We’ll make pages shorter - max 9 links on a page. 
  • We’ll include more information for leaseholders and shared owners. 
  • We’re grouping all the topics above into a big ‘For customers’ section. 
  • We’ll have more menus and drop downs, so you don’t have to go from page to page. 

Now we have this feedback, were using it to build the new website – watch this space! 

How we got our feedback

Our Customer Community members and other website users

March - April 2021

We tracked which pages were most popular, where people clicked, etc. 

Then we asked our focus group to give some feedback on some prototypes and sort information into logical ‘topics’.