Equality, diversity and inclusion 2022

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Checking in, 2022

We run a survey once a year to check in our equality, diversity, and inclusion. We want to make sure our customers feel we’re doing what we can to offer equal access to our services and treating people fairly.

Your feedback said… 

  • You either agreed with our priorities or felt neutral. 
  • You want to know what we’re doing and get updates on our progress.
  • Sometimes the language we use isn’t clear or accessible. 



So, what we did ...

  • We’ve published our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan – click here to see it. 
  • We’ve changed the language of our action plan to explain what it means. 
  • We’re going to publish updates when we make progress on these actions. 
  • We’re going to change how we write. To do this, we will: 
    • Publish ‘tone of voice’ guidelines for our colleagues.
    • Review our letters, leaflets, etc and try to make them more simple. 
    • Share draft materials with our Customer Community Facebook Group so customers can tell us if we’re being difficult to understand. Click here to join the Facebook Group. 

How we got your feedback


Our Customer Community network - find out more about them here


December 2021 - January 2022


Online survey