Customer Annual Review 2021-22

How’s it going?

Annual review of the customer service we offer you.


You're our customer. So, you should be able to hold us to account. This review is here to tell you how we did last year, what’s going well, and where we’re looking to improve. 

Thank you to everyone who read our 2021 review. We've based the information and look of this year's report based on your feedback. Click here to download a copy.



How did we do in


Let’s start with the key figure – overall satisfaction with B3Living services.  



overall customer satisfaction




What’s behind this number 

This score is based on 1,030 responses to our telephone survey – that’s 1 in 5 of all our customers. It runs every three months, with an independent company. They call a random sample of customers. 


Your feedback matters. So, based on last year’s feedback (set out in our 2021 report) we have: 


What we haven’t managed to do yet:

  • We wanted to review the process for new customers. We still plan to do this, but we found out that we needed to sort out some of our other systems first – e.g. our website.
  • Launch our fly-tipping campaign - although we are nearly there.

We’re glad that despite the difficult year, most of our customers are feeling happy with our service. But we want to improve things for the 14% who didn’t feel as satisfied.


Click here for more details on how well we’re performing and what we’re doing to improve the services you use.