General customer service

General customer service

How we performed against our service standards.


Our service standards say we’ll always…

  • Be understanding, helpful and efficient no matter how you get in touch – on the phone, face to face, the lot.
  • Keep your information safe and accurate.
  • Make it easy for you to get in touch with us and respond quickly when you do.




How we did...




customers happy with how we dealt with their last query






serious data breaches*

How customers think our service has changed

Pie chart showing that 59% customers felt our service has stayed the same, 16% felt it has got worse and 25% feel it has got better

* 7 minor breaches - Minor breaches are where we’ve shared data unnecessarily, but its low level, only affecting individuals and unlikely to impact their lives.



You said, we did…

We want these scores to improve, so next year we will:


Icon showing an 'i' inside a speech bubble

Improve how we record our contact with you, so you don’t have to explain yourself over and over and so we can make sure things don’t get missed.

Icon showing a letter

Change our letters and leaflets so we’re using the right tone when we contact you.


Icon showing a magnifying glass

Change our service standards. We’ll make them more detailed and do spot checks on how we’re doing against them twice a year.