How we performed against our service standards.


Our service standards say we’ll always…

  • Apologise when we've got things wrong.
  • Be clear about what we will do to put them right,
  • And let you know when.



How we did...



complaints resolved on time





complaints (for every 1,000 homes we manage)





customers satisfied with how we dealt with their complaint


How far complaints went before they were closed

Bar chart showing that 83% complaints closed at the informal stage, 15% at stage 1 and 2% at stage 2



You said, we did…

We want these scores to improve, so next year we will:


Icon showing a trowel and garden fork

Get a new grass cutting contract. This was one of our biggest complaints, so we’ll be involving you in the process and making it clear what you pay for.

Icon showing a house and spanner

Change the structure of our repairs service.



Icon showing a construction crane and house

Review how we work with developers to sort defects in new homes.