Looking after your home

3. Looking after your home

How we performed against our service standards.


Our service standards say we’ll always…

  • Fix things properly, on time and make sure the appointment works for both of us.
  • Make sure your home is safe and secure the day you move in.
  • Provide more homes to people waiting on the council register and more homes that people can buy through the shared ownership scheme.



How we did...



customers said they were happy with our repairs service





customer feel their home is safe and secure





homes meet ‘Decent Homes’ standards





safety checks done in target*

* This score includes checks for fire risks, gas safety, lifts, asbestos, and water safety.



You said, we did…

We want these scores to improve, so next year we will:


Icon of a branded B3Living van

Review the structure of our repairs service so you get a better service.

Icon of cleaning spray

Change the standard for our empty homes. Following your feedback, we now fit carpets, blinds, recycling bins and water saving kits, and we’ve upgraded to a sparkle clean.



Icon of recycling symbol made of leaves

Use our new Green Panel to help us decide how to make our homes use less energy while keeping customers satisfied.


We spent:

  • £2.2m on planned maintenance & servicing
  • £4.8m on improving homes
  • £5.1m fixing repairs

Although we have plans to improve this, our homes are scoring well for energy efficiency:

  • SILVER = our sustainability score (SHIFT)
  • 85.4% homes have EPC rated C or above
  • TOP SAP ratings compared to 40 other landlords*

*SAP ratings are the energy efficiency scores for our homes – so the cost per m2 of heating, hot water, lighting, pumps and fans.