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Introducing our green panel

Monday, 28 February 2022

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We need to get to a point where our homes our net-zero carbon. But - thinking about how to get there - some questions come up... 

  • How do we upgrade our homes to be more sustainable without causing lots of disruption to the people who live in them?
  • What’s the best type of heating system for residents and the environment? 
  • Which technologies should we invest in?
Kermit frog GIF - it's not easy being green

We can’t answer these questions without a steer from you.

We're putting together a Green Panel - would you be interested in joining? 


We need input from you to guide our direction and we want customers on board from the start. It'll involve coming to a few meetings or workshops (either online / with travel costs covered). Plus we've banded together with other housing associations, so you'll be working with other representatives from across Herts - so a great thing for your CV. 

Is this sounds interesting, please fill in the form below or email us on 

This is open to all - so if you have a neighbour, son, daughter, etc who is passionate about this topic, ask them to contact us. It’s a big deal – the Panel’s input will guide the approach for over 20,000 homes across Hertfordshire. 

Forgive the Kermit reference - such a cliché, but we couldn't resist!

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One by one, we’ll create a greener Herts.

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