Fair access and respect

5. Fair access and respect

How we performed against our service standards.


Our service standards say we’ll always…

  • Tell you how we’re performing – and see what you think.
  • Make sure everyone has equal access to our services and is treated fairly.
  • Provide more homes to people waiting on the council register and more homes that people can buy through the shared ownership scheme.



How we did...



customers felt we listened





people over 55 supported by our Independent Living services





families helped to find a new home



You said, we did…

We want these scores to improve, so next year we will:


Icon of hands shaking

Use our new Customer Coach to help customers struggling to get the support they need.

Icon of a speech bubble

Reach out to customers we haven’t heard from in a while. We’ll check if they need any support and if there’s a reason they can’t access our services.

Icon of a person

Recruit more members to our Customer Community, who input into our decisions.

Icon of a bar chart with an arrow leading upward

Start using the Government’s new Tenant Satisfaction Measures to make our performance more visible to you.