Phil, Rent & Sustainment Advisor

Phil, Rent & Sustainment Advisor

Monday, 01 November 2021

Phil Drati explains how his job, as a Rents Officer for B3Living is about providing advice and support for residents, perfect for a “big softie” like Phil. He particularly enjoys working in a customer focussed role, which is of key importance for the housing association.

“The best part about my job is that I can help the customers who often think they have nowhere to turn,” Phil explains.

“Residents don’t always realise there is light the end of the tunnel, something I can help them with.  By finding a way to work with them and build a relationship, we can succeed in finding a way forward together. The same applies to the workforce too. by working with different departments, targets and goals can be achieved by working collaboratively.

“For many customers with financial problems, it’s a case of not knowing the support that is available to them. There is always a way to help people and that is the best thing about doing this job for an organisation like B3Living.”

Joining B3Living as an apprentice Phil has had a chance to experience working in lots of different departments and gain practical qualifications in the housing industry. He’s always learning, with ongoing training, benefits from course sponsorship and the chance to attend sector events.

Phil says: “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with people who believed in me and took the time to help me develop my potential. Through the courses, B3Living offered me I learnt a lot about signposting as well as policies and procedures which has helped me give a knowledgeable and informed service to our tenants and stakeholders.

“The great thing about working for B3Living is that I honestly believe that we make a real difference to our customers. When you see someone on the brink of eviction and work with colleagues who help turn that person’s life around you realise how true that is.”