Michelle, Housing Manager

Michelle, Housing Manager

Sunday, 13 March 2022

Making sure all properties at B3Living are up to scratch and that the customers are the top priority is a matter close to Housing Manager Michelle Pile’s heart.

Starting off as a receptionist 11 years ago Michelle never dreamed she would carve out a successful career in management and get to make such a huge difference to the people of Broxbourne.

Michelle says: “I was a mum-of-four whose youngest had just started school and I wanted to get back to work full-time. I just wanted to bring some extra money in - I never thought I would be given so many opportunities to develop my potential and eventually have my own team.”

Michelle’s background wasn’t in housing but that didn’t stop her applying for her first role within B3Living and she has never looked back.

Michelle explains: “I had always worked in reception and retail positions so thought I would do that until retirement - but that wasn’t to be. I got my foot in the door and a wealth of opportunities unfolded before me.

“B3Living sent me on the courses I needed to move into different areas of the business - I’ve worked in lettings, customer service and now estates and it’s not just the qualifications that have helped me progress, it’s the team around me.

“I had the confidence to apply for promotions because I felt like my colleagues believed in me and were rooting for me. That’s been a real boost for me.”

And for Michelle there is good reason to make sure B3Living upholds its reputation for excellence as her parents are tenants.

Michelle says: “My mum and dad live in a B3Livivng property so I know how important it is to make sure our customers are happy and well looked after. Whenever I pick up the phone about a repair or a finance issue I remember it’s someone’s mum, dad, sister, aunt or whoever on the end of the phone so it’s vital we deal with their query quickly and respectfully.

“One of the aspects of my work and the whole of B3Living is their commitment to breaking down barriers. We have people living in our properties who may have mental health issues and so we make sure they feel included, valued and that their voice is always heard.

“It’s this ethos that makes me really enjoy coming to work everyday and reminds what a positive difference we can make to people’s lives.”