We’re connecting homes to fibre broadband

We’re getting fibre broadband installed on some of our estates.

We’re connecting homes to fibre broadband

There are going to be contractors working in the walkways, hallways and outside the building. You might hear some drilling noise, but we’ll avoid disturbing you as much as possible. Your internet shouldn’t be affected while we’re doing the work.

This is work is covered by B3Living – you do not have to pay.

To find out more about the new fibre broadband project, read out questions and answers.

Feel free to contact our Program Director (Jennie Bayliss) if you have any queries. Call Jennie on 07734 955250.


Fibre broadband: frequently asked questions

What does the work involve?

First, SCCI Alphatrack will need to install the new fibres and termination boxes in the communal areas. This will involve some drilling, but they’ll only do this between 9am-4.30pm. 

Then they’ll install fibres on the outside of the building, ending in the boxes above the front doors (white above 1-40, brown above 41-53). Everyone relies on the internet more and more these days, so we need to keep the equipment up to date.

Why are you doing this?

Fibre optics can handle more data than normal cables – but if you wanted to sign up for a fibre broadband deal, you’d need cables already fitted in the building. Our goal is to help you get faster internet speeds and more reliable signal.

Do you need to go into my home?

Probably not – but SCCI Alphatrack might want to go into one or two homes to check things are working. 

Will my internet go down while this happens?

No, this shouldn’t affect your current internet.

Will I need to change my broadband provider?

It’s up to you. You won’t get fibre broadband automatically.

After the work is done, internet companies will be in touch to offer you fibre broadband deals – but you can stay with your current contract if you want to.

What about security and Covid?

Everyone from SCCI Alphatrack will have a photo ID, so please ask to see this before letting them in your home. They’ll also use PPE and gloves while working in the building.

How much will this cost?


You’re not being charged for installing the fibre cables. You might want to upgrade to fibre broadband afterwards, but that’s your choice.

How can I access the fibre broadband once it’s in?

We’ll write to you again to let you know it’s all done. Then internet providers will be in touch to offer you their services – or you can shop around for your own deal. We strongly recommend using a price comparison website (e.g. Uswitch, Money Supermarket, etc).