Lettings and Allocations Policy

Lettings Allocation, Direct Lets, Management Move, Mutual Exchanges and Tenancy Changes Policies.

Who looks after this policy: Operations, Head of housing services
Who approved it: The board
When was it last reviewed: July 2021
When is the next review: July 2024

1. Introduction

This policy sets out how B3Living intends to allocate and re-let properties to
both new and existing customers. Each Local Authority will have criteria for
applicants wishing to join their housing waiting/transfer lists and B3Living will
generally, be consulted on the content prior to letting properties within each

2. Scope

This policy relates all customers who register an interest with their Local
Authority for housing or for a transfer, or who request a management move or
mutual exchange, in a Borough within which B3Living owns or manages
properties. This relates to how we let our general needs, independent living
and flexicare properties, but does not include our shared ownership, market
rent properties, temporary self-contained lets or garages.

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