Stay put

Staying put in an emergency


If the emergency isn't in your home, you'll need to stay put.

Your instincts might tell you to run, but unless the smoke is affecting you, let the Fire Services come to you. Click here to find out why this is the advice.

If there’s a fire in YOUR home…

  1. Leave the building
  2. Close all doors behind you
  3. Call 999.



If there’s a fire SOMEWHERE ELSE in the building…


Icon showing people inside their home

1. Stay inside your home.

Wait for the emergency services to come to you.

Icon showing closed doors

2. Keep your doors and windows shut.

This is very important. It can slow down a fire and stop it from spreading.

Icon showing fire exit

3. Only leave if you need to.

For example, if any smoke is affecting you.


Why you need to stay put

The reason the Fire Services ask you to stay put are:

  • If you stay in your home, with doors / windows shut – the closed doors should protect you while the Fire Services come to you.
  • Keeping all the doors shut may help to delay the spread of a fire.
  • Firefighters need the hallways and stairwells clear to do their job safely – this avoids panic while they are putting out the fire.


If you'd struggle to leave the building in an emergency, let us know.

This might be because you have young children, a visual impairment, or something temporary (e.g. a broken leg). We can help you to put together a plan which will be shared with the Fire Service if there was an emergency.