B3Living fire evacuation procedure and support

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Support with evacuating


If you think you (or someone you live with) would need help getting out of your building in a fire or other emergency, we need you to let us know.

There are all sorts of reasons why is might apply to you, and even if it's just a short-term problem (e.g. like breaking your leg) then we still need to know. Other examples are things like:

  • Young children
  • Mobility issues - problems with stairs, walking or moving quickly
  • Visual impairments
  • Hearing impairments - especially if you might not hear an alarm

Tell us

About your situation:
(including children)

What we'll do is work with the Fire Service to make an evacuation plan for you. An anonymised copy of this will be kept in the building so that, if there was a fire (for example), firefighters could check it to find out who needs help to escape the building. We won't use this information for any other reason and this doesn't mean that a fire is likely. It's just important to plan for the worst-case scenario.