Alan's story

Income support: Alan's story

Thursday, 21 October 2021

My parents were B3Living residents for over 15 years. Once my father had passed away, my mother started to become sick. She was alone and needed a full-time carer, so around eight years ago I decided to move in with her.

December of last year was a hard time for me. I was recovering from Covid-19 and had also lost my mother. At this time my mental health was poor, as well as my physical health.

Alongside battling issues with my health, I also had to organise my mother’s funeral, it felt overwhelming. I was told I could remain a B3Living tenant, however, I would need to move to a one-bedroom home, as it was just me. The thought of having to move was devastating, as I had already lost so much.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be very sociable, however, I really liked my neighbours, they brought out a more sociable side to me and were friendly. In a way, they acted as a support system, they would offer to help me with things like shopping, so I was really worried about the possibility of losing them.

I was put in touch with Michelle, at B3Living, and that’s when everything changed. I was still struggling financially, and I felt embarrassed to ask for help.

I am not someone that would usually rely on anyone for money, so it was hard to speak about, but I am so glad I did. Michelle was able to give me advice about which benefits to apply for, I didn’t think I would be eligible, but it turns out I was, so I was granted income support. Michelle also helped me to stay in my home.

It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders, I can’t put into words how grateful I am for her support, I will never stop singing her praises.

I am finally able to relax in my home, although my physical health can’t change, my mental health is much better now. I am in a really good place.



If you are worried about your finances or keeping up with your rent payments, you're not alone. 

Help is available, please do not let feeling awkward or embarrassed stop you from getting the support you need.