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myB3Living helps us stay connected.

myB3Living is an app that helps you to do all the little, but important, things, anytime, anywhere. With just a few taps.

Now it’s easier for you to stay connected with your account and our services. Use myB3Living to:

  • Log a repair or service
  • See your balance and request a statement
  • Report graffiti, fly tipping or other anti-social behaviour
  • Change your details

…and much more.

myB3Living isn’t there to replace our other services. If money worries are keeping you up at night, you can log in at 2am to check your payments and reach out for support. We’re still happy to have a proper chat to see if we help.


You should be able to find our app by search for 'myB3Living' in your app store - or you can follow the links below:

You can:

  • Log a repair or gas service
  • Check your account
  • View your transactions and request a statement
  • Receive urgent updates about your account, repair or block 
  • Change your account details
  • Report graffiti, fly-tipping or other anti-social behaviour
  • Request permission for a pet or make big changes in your home
  • Make a complaint or pay a compliment.

To create an account, please follow the steps below.How to find your tenancy number GIF


Step 1:

On the sign-in page, click 'register a new account'. At this stage, you'll need to confirm your identity by entering:

  • Your email address
  • Mobile number
  • Tenancy number (which you can find on any letter or rent statement)
  • Your date of birth
  • A memorable password


Step 2:

Your registration is successful - but we just need to do a quick security check. Keeping the sign-in page open and navigate to the email account you registered with.



Step 3:

You will have received an email with a code - please copy this code exactly as it appears on the page. Note, this code will expire after 4 hours so it's a good idea to verify your account as soon as possible.


Step 4:

Use the email you signed up with and the code that you received via email to complete the registration process. If you are having trouble navigating back to the verification stage, please click here.



Step 5:

Your account is now registered and ready to use! You can now log in to your account either via our website or app at any time.


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