External doors and windows

External doors and windows

You’ll never have to pay for a repair or maintenance cost that is not your responsibility.

If you are a tenant of ours, we will fix or replace any external windows or doors that do not meet our standards. This includes doors that are rotten, or not fit for purpose.

The external doors fitted by us have been carefully selected to meet safety requirements, it’s important you do not change any external doors yourself, as it could put your health and safety at risk.

You are responsible for:

  • External Door furniture e.g., letterbox, bell, spy hole.
  • Repair or replacement costs if damage is caused by you, someone you live with, a pet or visitor.




Board up smashed window and reglaze


Fire doors are designed to resist heat & smoke to keep you safe.

How to spot a fire door:

  • Communal fire doors will have a “Fire door, keep shut” sign on them.
  • Fire doors can also be found in flats and 3 storey houses (these are not signed).

Please remember to avoid:

  • Wedging them open,
  • Blocking them,
  • Removing them.

If you see a fire door that is damaged or not closing, report it to our repairs team. Please don't try and fix it yourself.