Extra care schemes

Keeping your independence

Live in your own flat with the support of HomeCare and our staff offering flexible services to suit your changing needs.

What is extra care?

Our extra care schemes are for anyone over 60, or if you are registered disabled and have been assessed as needing some level of care. If your lifestyle would suit being among primarily older neighbours, then extra care can offer you a community.

We have a dedicated Independent Living Advisor at both of our schemes who can provide you with support. We can help with:

  • Claiming eligible benefits such as housing, council tax and attendance allowance
  • Keeping couples with different care needs together
  • Blue Badge applications
  • Warm home discount applications
  • Issues with your sight, hearing or other senses
  • Your online shop.

We own two extra care properties: Emmanuel Lodge and Wormley Court which are located in Cheshunt and Wormley.

For more information, please call:

  • Wormley Court - 01992 468815
  • Emmanuel Lodge - 01992 620135.

What is the difference between our extra care and independent living schemes?

Neither our extra care schemes or our independent living schemes are care homes. They both provide the opportunity to continue living independently with different levels of support.

Our extra care schemes primarily offer more on-site support than our independent living schemes.

…but what else is different? Find out below.

Extra care schemes:

Carers are on site until 10pm delivering commissioned care, and there is one overnight carer who is there to deal with emergencies.

Independent living schemes:

Carers are not based on site. The care company are commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council and any charges are billed separately from B3Living charges.

Extra care schemes:

There is a member of the Independent Living Team based on site Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. They are there to support with non-care related support needs (help with paperwork, managing finances, general wellbeing support, liaising with mental health team, appointments etc). 

Independent living schemes:

There isn’t a member of the Independent Living Team based on site each day, all day. The team work across all schemes and will be based at different schemes on different days.

If a customer living at an Independent living scheme needs urgent support, they can contact our Independent Living Team and a visit will be arranged.

Extra care schemes:

Our extra care staff will arrange communal activities which is optional for residents to get involved in. For example, coffee mornings, bingo and festive celebrations. There is also the option for customers to have their main meal together in the dining room. 

Independent living schemes:

All activities are organised by the residents.  Occasionally, a member of the Independent Living Team will support with activities ( e.g. Christmas coffee and mince pies), but typically the residents of the scheme arrange their own get togethers to take place in the lounge.