Community engagement service

Independence in your own home

Continue living in your home and help manage your life at your own pace.

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What is our community engagement service?

Our community engagement service is available to anyone over 55 who is living in the community and finding new challenges in managing daily living tasks. This could be things like managing finances, looking after your home, maintaining personal care, and/or feeling socially isolated.

Our engagement service offers a visit from an experienced Independent Living Advisor to your own home, to work alongside you to develop your own centred plan. This would include signposting you to the services which will help you to maintain independence, support you to continue living in your own home and help you manage your life at the level and pace you wish.


Our community engagement service is available to you in a number of different ways. Whether this is a weekly visit or telephone call, we can discuss this with you on an individual basis.

  Services include (but not limited to):

  • Regular agreed visits and/or telephone calls
  • Encouragement and support to increase social interaction and wellbeing
  • Health and safety guidance
  • Assistance with applying for benefits and completion of forms
  • Help with correspondence.
  • Support with debt management and paying bills
  • Referral for adaptations for your property and other appropriate aids
  • Liaison with other agencies on your behalf

Our community engagement service does not help directly with shopping, housework, or provision of personal care, but can liaise with agencies that can help.

Who would benefit from this service?

Who would benefit from our service?

  • Vulnerable older people 
  • People with disabilities or restricted mobility
  • Those who need support with visual & sensory impairment 
  • Those needing support and signposting with housing needs
  • Those who would benefit from support to complete paperwork – such as bus pass renewal and blue badge renewal
  • Those needing help to claim eligible benefits such as Housing and Council Tax Benefit, Attendance Allowance and  Watersure
  • Those struggling to cope with day-to-day life.


This list is for example only and is not exhaustive.


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Lifeline alarm

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