Introducing: Greener Herts

Introducing: Greener Herts

Thursday, 28 April 2022

When you imagine your eco-friendly life in the future, you're probably imagining…

……driving home in an electric car
     (when Tesla finally make one normal people we can afford!)

……or throwing together a vegan dinner
     (that doesn't taste bad as you thought it might).


But what about the home you're sitting in?

Heating up, lights on, oven on, washing machine spinning? You need all these things. And that’s not going away any time soon.

But we also know that our homes are all on Planet A where the amount of energy we use really matters. Your home will still have a bigger impact on climate change than the car you drive or what you pick for dinner - combined (more on that here).


Plus, you might not even be able to think that far ahead while we’re in a cost of living crisis today.

We can’t control how much the tariffs are climbing up, but we can control how much energy we use and cut our bills that way.



Hold on a minute, you own my home. What are you doing about it?

That's a really fair point. There are definitely two factors in this equation.

Your home’s energy efficiency

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How you use your home

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Your home's carbon footprint

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That’s why we’ve launched Greener Herts.

We want to get B3Living’s work - including our homes - to net-zero carbon by 2030. So, we’ve teamed up with neighbouring housing associations (settle from north Herts and Watford Community Housing from south-west Herts) to make real change.

As a relatively small organisation, it’s harder to achieve what we want to achieve alone – but together we can apply for grants, pool resources and share costs and knowledge.



Take a look at the Greener Herts website which shows some of the projects we have planned – or started!

There’s lots on there – insulation, windows, solar, take a look.

We’re committed to doing our bit. Our Chief Exec, Steve, explains why here.


Where you fit in

Although the bigger factor is the structure of the home itself, how you live in it matters too.

So, when we talk to you about the work we’re doing through Greener Herts, we’ll also share some tips for small things you could do to lower your energy use – and, really importantly, your bills!


Our bit

Making the building more energy efficient

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Your bit

Changing your lifestyle to use less energy & save on your bills

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The goal

Net-zero carbon by 2030

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If you want a more active role, consider joining our Green Panel. The panel includes customers from around Hertfordshire who will be inputting into our carbon cutting plans. Click here to find out more about the Green Panel.

It’ll take some effort – but we believe that, one by one, we can create a greener Herts.

One by one, we'll make a greener Herts