TSMs and Complaints

We've published our complaints and tenant satisfaction results

Friday, 28 June 2024


Today we've published some key information for our customers, partners and regulators.

We hope that in sharing this information, all our stakeholders can get a better insight into how we're performing and what we're doing to give our customers the best possible experience with us.

As a social business and landlord, our work involves lots of activities. Ultimately, we exist to provide homes for people priced out of the housing market. But we pride ourselves on our customer service, as we see this as important tool through which we can truly support better futures for people in our local community.


What we have shared

In line with the Charter for Social Housing (aka the Social Housing White Paper), ​Transparency, Influence and Accountability Consumer Standard and the Housing Ombudsman's latest Complaints Handling Code (2024), now available are B3Living's:


Why it's important

Openness is one of our five values. Being transparent about about performance is one way for us to live that value.

Sharing information on how we're performing on complaints, building safety, anti-social behaviour and customer satisfaction in general will also enable our stakeholders to compare us with other housing providers.


Our Board's response

to our self-assessment against Complaints Handling Code and our Annual Complaints Performance and Service Improvement Report

"The B3Living Board support the Housing Ombudsman’s role in making sure complaints are handled consistently and to a high standard across our sector.

"We value the importance of complaints in identifying areas for service improvement and our organisation actively applies lessons learned from complaints. We monitor our performance in this area carefully and have a Board member responsible for complaints. 

"Over the past year we have been working with our teams to improve our performance, particularly in relation to response times.  We also recognise the importance of handling a complaint fairly, and thoroughly, which we appreciate sometimes takes longer when the issues are complex. 

"We hope our customers will value the introduction of new dedicated people to handle the initial stages of their complaint and we anticipate seeing our performance continue to improve through the year.

"We will review our performance again after 6 months. We intend to discuss our results with our Customer Community to gain their views on how we can improve further.  We also want to focus on tailoring our services around customer needs and vulnerabilities. 

"We are happy our policy and process mirrors that required by the Ombudsman and will continue to work within these requirements, and improve them where possible."

For more reports or information on our performance, follow the link below.