Grass cutting update - July 2024

Grass cutting update - July 2024

Monday, 01 July 2024

Thanks so much for sticking with us while we work to get our grass cutting service back on track. We know it’s been frustrating - especially when the weather is warm and you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

You should have started to see improvements now. However, with the grass being so long, we've had to do some rough cuts just to get things under control. It's not our usual standard, but it’s a start!

We’ve had quite a few questions about refunds and our contractors, which you can find out more about below.

Contractor updates

  • Nurture: Our contractor is currently recruiting and should soon have a team of four again. We are in regular contact and have our next meeting with them on 16 July.
  • Lawn Enforcement: They have now finished the majority of their areas.
  • JN Gardening: They’re still working their way through Cheshunt and Hoddesdon.
  • Broxbourne Council: From July, we will be taking on the services of Broxbourne Council to do standard cuts on grass verges. Going forward, they’ll be covering 75,000 square metres of standard cuts and our contractors will handle the remaining 35,000 square metres.


We know the grass in Hoddesdon is still a lot longer than we’d like, but our subcontractors are beginning to make headway and we have asked Broxbourne Council to help too. You can expect improvements there in the next couple of weeks.

Refunds for affected customers

We know refunds have been on all your minds, and rightfully so.

We’ll be issuing a 9-week refund for grounds maintenance services charges to affected customers - starting from April 1st. This will show as a credit note on your account.

The refund will be processed in July and more details will given about this in our next update at the end of July.

We completely understand how you are all feeling, and we really appreciate your patience. While we’re not quite where we want to be yet, we’re working hard behind the scenes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


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