Grass cutting FAQs

Grass cutting FAQs

Wednesday, 05 June 2024

We're really sorry about the recent issues with our grass cutting service. It hasn’t been up to the standard that you (or we) expect and you deserve. To find our latest update on what's happened, please see here.

While we put things right, we want to be open with you about what exactly we're doing. You can find our FAQs below:

  • We've been in talks with the contractor to express our disappointment and set out our expectations going forward. 
  • We're looking to bring in new contractors to cut the grass temporarily. We'll be covering the costs and will update you on this as soon as possible. 
  • We're scheduling regular meetings with our current contractor Nurture (formerly CGM). Our next meeting is Thursday 20 June to talk about the current issues and find a resolution. 
  • We're planning a consultation with customers to discuss the long term future of our grass cutting service and explore different methods and solutions. 

We're really sorry about the issues you've experienced with our grass cutting service over the past year. It hasn’t been up to the standard that you (or we) expect and you deserve.

After the issues we faced last year, our estates management spent a lot of time discussing the problems with Nurture (formerly CGM). We were reassured that the issues had been addressed at Nurture, more staff had been recruited, and that normal service would resume in the spring. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case, and we're now looking to bring in a temporary contractor to cut the grass (cost covered by B3Living). 

We will not be keeping our current contractor long-term and are in the process of finding a new permanent contractor, but this can take some time.

In the meantime, our temporary subcontractors (Lawn Enforcement and JN Gardening) started on Friday 7 June and are focusing on the most overgrown areas to begin with – costs covered by us.

Your grass shouldn’t get any longer than 6cm (gardens) and 30cm (verges) before its cut.*

For the reasons we have explained above, this hasn’t been happening. We don’t think this is acceptable and are working to get things back on track.


*We don’t manage grass cutting in all areas. For example:

  • If you live in a house with a private front / back garden, you’ll be responsible for cutting there grass there.
  • Some areas are cut by Broxbourne Borough Council, depending on who owns the land. Sometimes B3Living-owned land and council-owned land are right beside each other, so it can be confusing! Generally, we don’t do public spaces such as cemeteries, public playgrounds, highway verges, etc.
  • If your estate has a management company they will arrange grass cutting. This usually applies on estates where there are private homes as well as B3Living homes.

We encourage customers who are interested in sharing their thoughts to join our upcoming consultation on the future of the grass cutting service.

Customers who wish to log a complaint can do so by using the form at the bottom of the page or by clicking here.

Refund options are being explored for the affected services. We'll be able to provide more information on this once normal service resumes. 

We should be transparent and mention that your overall service charge covers lots of other things.

If you have a grounds maintenance charge, this may include gardening for shrubs or trees as well as the grass. 

In 2022, we saw a trend in complaints which told us our grass-cutting service wasn't meeting your expectations.

So back in September 2022, we went out to get a new supplier, shortlisted two options and asked you to help us decide.

CGM received the highest votes and their contract started with us at the beginning of April 2023.

We know how important it is to you to keep communal gardens and grass areas around your estate looking their best. And we hoped that you would see an improvement in the service that you receive.

This depends.

If it's B3Living-owned land, we will be responsible for getting a contractor to cut the grass.

Unfortunately, this can be confusing! Sometimes our land will be next door to land owned by Broxbourne Borough Council, or on larger estates there might be a management company in place.

The temporary subcontractors are Lawn Enforcement and JN Gardening - starting from Friday 7 June.

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