Savills stock condition surveys

Savills are doing spot checks for us

Monday, 03 June 2024


If you've had a visit from a company called 'Savills', this isn't a scam.

We’ve asked them to do some spot checks for us. Your home is on their list – find out why below.

Sorry about any disruption to your day. We wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.


Who is Savills?

They are estate agents. You might be familiar with their logo from the high street.

But they're also property consultants, and we've asked them to do some surveys for us.

Staff working for Savills be carrying ID, so please ask to see this.

Savills logo - the word 'Savills' in red text on a yellow background

But I had a survey not that long ago?

Having surveyors in your home isn’t always convenient. And we’re conscious that sometimes we might send two or more surveyors to your home in the same year.

But these surveys are important – that’s actually the reason why Savills need to pop round now.

Last year, you would’ve had a condition survey with a company called ‘Michael Dyson’. They would have looked at:

  • The overall condition of your home.
  • The lifespan left on your kitchen, bathroom, windows/doors, and other big components.

Savills are here to check that Michael Dyson did a thorough job.

Why do Savills need to check again?

The original surveys were very important because:

  • We need to have up-to-date records of what condition your home is in.
  • We need to know what how we should invest in homes over the next three-five years.

So, we need all the data to be spot on.

It’s recommended to get someone independent to check again.

That’s where Savills will come in. They will look at the survey results from Michael Dyson and check the quality of that survey against what they see in/around your home.


Questions and answers



Checking up on the condition of our homes is just a good idea.

Things change over time. We aim to check all our homes more regularly in future.

Between 10 – 21 June.

It would be better if we could be more specific but we can’t give you can exact date/time because Savills will do spot checks.

If they knock at a bad time, just let them know when might be better for you.

Roughly 15 mins - or less.

No, you don’t.

Savills are just doing spot checks. So, if you’re not home when they call, they’ll just move on to your neighbour.


They’ll need to look in all the rooms, especially your kitchen and bathroom.

If someone in your home has a disability, neurodiverse condition or mental health condition (e.g. autism), it can be difficult letting visitors into your home without notice.

Savills will be happy to work with you to find a time that is the least disruptive for you.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make things easier for you. We'll do our best to accommodate you.

No, probably not.

These surveys are just to double check Michael Dyson's work. So there shouldn't be any follow up.


We really appreciate you working with us on these surveys. Thank you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.