Free phone line

Run out of credit? You can still call us.

Tuesday, 01 March 2022

One of those days, eh?

You've just spotted something that needs fixing, or maybe your benefits didn't come through when they should have. Maybe we called you but you missed it.

So, you need to call us... but your credit has just run out.

Good news. No need to wait to get a top up, you can still talk to us when you need to. To make "one of those days" a little bit easier, we have a phone line that's completely free to call.

If you ever need it, you can reach us on...



This number will take you to our main switchboard, but if you need to talk to someone specific, please press 7 and ask our Housing Support team to put you through.

Do you use any of these numbers to call us?

  • 0800 048 0272
  • 0800 107 0712
  • 0800 107 0713

If you have any of these numbers saved, please swap them for our main number (01992 453700) or our free phone number (0300 100 0023). These numbers won't work from 1 May onwards.

Having lots of different numbers became confusing, so we're going to use one free phone number to keep things simple.