Why have I received a migration notice?

Why have I received a migration notice?

Friday, 23 February 2024

What is a migration notice?

From February 2024, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will begin sending migration notices to customers receiving tax credits ONLY.

It's an invitation to switch over to Universal Credit (UC).

It may sound daunting, but it's just a way of making benefits easier to understand by keeping it under the same system. This is called 'Managed Migration'.

What will happen?

  • You'll receive a letter from the DWP inviting you to make a claim for UC.
  • It'll have a 3 month deadline date that you'll need to make your UC claim by. 
  • If you have a joint tax credit claim with your partner, you will each receive a migration notice and both must apply for Universal Credit. 

It's important to make your claim for UC as your tax credits will end the day before the deadline. 

Who can help me?

We're always here to help you during this change. To speak to one of our team, you can contact us here

Alternatively, the UC Migration Notice Helpline can be called on 0800 169 0328

You'll need to start by making a claim for Universal Credit before the deadline date on the letter.

Ways you can apply for Universal Credit:

Online: https://www.universal-credit.service.gov.uk/start

Over the phone: 0800 169 0328

If you haven't received it yet, don't worry. Notices started being sent out in February 2024 and you don't need to do anything until you've got it. 

When you receive your notice, you'll be given a 3 month deadline date to claim UC. By the end of this deadline, your tax credits will end. We recommend applying for UC to continue receiving support.

In some cases, you might find that your UC entitlement is less than your Tax Credit. In this case, an additional amount will be included in your UC to cover the difference - this is known as 'transitional protection'.

Transitional protection can only be claimed once you receive your migration notice.