Use less fuel

5 ways to save on petrol/diesel

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

We've never seen petrol prices like these before. We don't know when the pressure on fuel supplies is going to lift or when things will become more stable. Not using your car isn't always an option, so here are 5 tips we're giving to our van drivers to help them cut the amount of fuel they use.

Changing the cost of filling up is out of all our hands - but if we can fill up less often, we'll be spending less. 

If you're starting to struggle with your finances, please talk to us. Click here to find out more.

Get the best price.

This website is well worth a look. It compares the cost of fuel at petrol stations in your area - Compare UK Petrol & Diesel Prices | PetrolPrices. It's free to sign up and comes with an app too.


Use less fuel - our tips


1: Tyres

If your tyres aren't pumped up to the right amount, you get more "rolling resistance" from the road - which means you use more fuel. Michelin reported in 2015 that the UK's motorists wasted £250 million per year on fuel driving around on the wrong tyre pressures.

Pumping up your tyres using the air at petrol stations is usually fairly cheap and you might save the money in the long run.

2: Air con OFF

Air con can put a lot of strain on your car, especially if you're driving at low speeds a lot. You need it on every so often, when it's the right weather for it or just to stop it degrading, but otherwise consider switching it off.

3: Cut the excess

We've all done it - used our car as a spare cupboard for all the things you might need 'just in case'. Or it might be the drag from roof boxes or bike racks. The weight or wind resistance your car has to tackle, the more fuel you'll be burning. Cutting all the excess stuff could save you money.

4: Change up early

For those driving a manual, the general advice is to go up a gear before 2000rpm in a diesel and 2500rpm in a petrol - so your engine isn't struggling at low revs and wasting fuel.

5: Use all the modes

Nowadays, you might have an 'eco mode' or start-stop technology in your car. If you have these - great, use them. They stop you leaving your foot on the clutch. When you do that, you're actually still burning fuel. We probably all got told off by our driving instructor for coasting one or twice - but it turns out it wastes your money too.