Service charges 2024

What's happening with service charges in 2024?

Monday, 12 February 2024


Service charges are different to rents.

They don’t go up by a set %.

Each charge is separate. It’s based on how much the service costs us to run. To work that out, we look at what we spent last year, inflation and any works we know are coming up.

Click here for a full breakdown of each service charge and how its calculated.

But we’re still concerned about keeping them affordable.


‘Keep things affordable’ cap

If you're a tenant, you might see this on your charges breakdown.

To make sure our service charges stay affordable, we make sure they don’t increase by more than £3 per week.

If your charges would’ve gone over this amount, you’ll see a line in your breakdown where we remove the rest. Note: this doesn't apply to utility bill service charges (gas, electricity, heating).



Your service charges

Every estate is different.

Some will take longer to clean or have more trees to look after. So, service charges will be different from home to home.

If you're a tenant, your 2024 rent booklet give a breakdown of the services on your estate. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we can give you more details.

Service charges for leaseholders / shared owners

You'll get your 2024-25 service charge estimates by the end of March, if we manage the services on your estate.

If you're a shared owner, you will get 2 x letters:

  • A rent booklet
  • Service charge estimates

Note: If your estate has a management company, and they manage the services you get, they can have different billing periods.