Garage rents 2024

Garage rents are changing in April

Thursday, 21 March 2024

If you rent one of our garages, you should have received a letter informing you that the rents are changing. 

Over the past year, we've seen an increase in the cost it takes to provide our services. You can find out more about this here.

In order to keep things stable, we need to make sure our costs are covered. 

As normal, garage rents will change in April. 

From April, garage rents will increase by 7.7%.

Garage rents from April:

  Tenant Non-tenant
Weekly £16.80 £20.18
Monthly £74.20 £89.13


If you pay for your garage via direct debit, you won't need to do anything. It will be updated automatically.

If you pay via direct banking, you will need to update the amount coming out with your bank. 

No problem - our housing support team are happy to help you. Speak to one of the team today on 01992 453700 option 7. 

All garages are originally priced the same. However, due to government legislation, non-tenants are charged VAT. 

To find out more, click the link here.

Steps to end your garage tenancy:

1. Contact us to let us know that you no longer need your garage. We ask for 7 days' notice. 

2. Empty your garage - any items left inside might be recharged back to you. 

3. Pop over to our office to hand your keys back. We'll check your account to make sure everything is sound.