Inland Homes

Update on Inland Homes (for Cheshunt Lakeside residents)

Wednesday, 11 October 2023


Last week we found out that Inland Homes (the contractor that built your home) has gone into administration.

This is sudden news. Thank you for bearing with us while we found out more.


This may affect you because…

your home was built recently. In new homes, the contractor is responsible for fixing any repairs that come up in the first year (this is called the "defects liability").

Inland won't be able to coordinate repairs now. There are also some jobs outside the building that they haven’t been able to finish.


Our priority is to make sure you get the repairs services you need.


We don't have all the information we need yet - but we'll try to answer as many of your questions as we can.


What you need to know now…

We are working to make sure any repairs that would have been fixed by Inland Homes still get sort out.

How long this might take will depend on your situation:


We can take over. B3Living will coordinate jobs that have been started already.

So, if there is a contractor already working on your repair, we will make sure this continues.

If you were expecting a contractor and they cancel your appointment, please let us know.

Report a repair

Report a repair

Something need fixing?


What will happen in the long term…


  • Repairs to your home: We still want to make sure any repairs get fixed. Once we know more, B3Living may take on the responsibility for coordinating repairs.
  • Garden areas: We’re working with the subcontractors directly about the unfinished works outside your building. Our aim is to try to get these done.

  • Other building works: Inland Homes were responsible for some of the other building works on Delamare Road. We don’t own this land, so these projects are outside our control. What we can do is let you know what’s happening if/when we find out more. But this could take several months.


It’s important to us that you still receive a good service.

This situation means that some things will take longer to sort out. We're sorry for this in advance.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.