Inclusion week 2021

National Inclusion Week 2021

Monday, 27 September 2021

To celebrate National Inclusion Week 2021, we've been asking our colleagues what inclusion means to them.

Throughout the week we have been talking internally about inclusion, equality and belonging. 

The theme for National Inclusion Week this year is #UnitedForInclusion, and coming together to film this video and talk about what unites us has been thought provoking plus a lot of fun.

It turns out, something that unites us is feeling utterly embarrassed as soon as the camera goes on!


Some companies have HR departments, Operations teams....


Our teams also came together for a quiz about inclusion and diversity, and we found out we that we have a very different set of teams! (A favourite = Weapons of Mass Construction!)

To take a serious note, our colleagues have learned a lot and a very big thank you goes to our EDI Manager, Shadei, for bringing everyone together and getting us #UnitedForInclusion.

This week we've had external speakers, conversations about allyship and an inclusion library. As an organisation we know we have more work to do to build a representative workforce and leadership, and to make sure we're being inclusive. #Learning will be a big part of this journey.

GIF showing the B3Living quiz team names, including examples like HR HellRaisers, Quizzy McQuizFace, and The Purple Ladies

Some interesting facts we learned in our Inclusion Quiz...

Here are the stats that started the most conversations at B3Living:
Image reading "In the FTSE 100, are there more women CEOs, or CEOs named Peter? In 2020, there were more CEOs called Peter and only 5% CEOs were women."
Image reading "When was the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act passed in England and Wales? Only in 2013."
Image reading "Which prison in the UK has started distributing pronoun badges? Isle of Wight"
Image reading "How many  London tube stations offer step-free access? About one quarter"


Lastly, we have rounded off the week with an comment from one of our colleagues. We thought she was using a famous quote - but it's original!

Image of a quote that reads "Sometimes being different is not a choice. Being inclusive is a choice. Being inclusive gives everyone a voice."