Encouraging open conversations... This month, pronouns!

Encouraging open conversations... this month, pronouns!

Friday, 18 February 2022

As part of our ongoing learning and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, we have recently been discussing the importance of using pronouns and how they should never be assumed. We feel it’s really important to have open conversations about what we know and how we can improve our knowledge to help create a more inclusive environment. Not just here at B3Living, but in our everyday lives.

The pronouns that we identify with are unique to each of us, so it is always best to listen to how other people identify and practice using those pronouns.

Our goal is to normalise these types of conversations. We have lots of sessions organised this year to continue and support our ongoing learning, covering topics such as:

  • Using inclusive language
  • Challenging inequalities
  • Conversations on mental health
  • Class privilege

…and much more.