Solidarity with Ukraine

Monday, 28 February 2022

It is heartbreaking to watch the news footage from Ukraine. We, as B3Living, condemn this act of war.

B3Living's priority now is to support local people or groups who are in the position to provide practical assistance to those caught up in the conflict. When we get the call, we will be ready to work with our partners to support refugees from Ukraine, as we have with those fleeing other tragedies. Having checked our immediate supply chains, we can confirm we have, to our knowledge, no direct affiliation with companies based in Russia.

Like everyone, our thoughts go out to those experiencing these unimaginable troubles as well as to those in our community anxious for their loved ones in Ukraine. We will ensure we do all we can to support you until there is a return to peace. Slava Ukraini.

Steve Woodcock, Chief Executive