New bed case study

A three hour fix

Friday, 20 November 2020

We're a tight-knit organisation and most of us know each other by name. The advantage of this is that we can work together, across teams, and have lots of local contacts, which helps us to get things done quickly.

In this case, our Community Safety Specialist, Julia, noticed that a customer she was talking to didn't have a lot of furniture. She and her son were sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Julia and Housing Manager, Michelle, reached out to our Voids Team Leader, John, for help. Within three hours, a proper bed was in the van and on it's way to the customer. The image shows their exchange from the day.

One team is one of our values. There are lots of stories like this, but we'd still like to give some praise to Julia, Michelle and John for going out of their way to fix a small thing and make a difference.

GIF showing message exchange between Michelle and John. Text reads "Hi, One of our customers is sleeping on a mattress with her son. Can you help me find a bed? 10:23" "Of course, I’ll look out for one." "I’ve got a double bed base and headboard. 11:23" "Amazing! I’ll contact the customer. 11:51" "They’re available today 12:02" "No problem, it’s in my van. I’ll be there by 1.30."