Hidden disability sunflower scheme

Hidden disability sunflower scheme

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

We're pleased to announce we are offering free sunflower lanyards to support people in Hertfordshire with hidden disabilities.  

Our equality, diversity, and inclusion manager, Shadei Rabeie (she/her), said: “We hope that supporting this globally recognised initiative will help people in our community in Hertfordshire who have hidden disabilities. The more we all understand about this issue, the more patience, kindness and understanding affected people will receive as they go about their daily lives.”  

According to the Hidden Disabilities charity, 1 in 7 of us live with a disability. And of those, 80% are invisible. That is 1 billion people who are living with a non-visible disability. 

A hidden disability is defined as either a physical or mental condition that is not visible or immediately obvious. Examples of hidden disabilities include autism, chronic pain, dementia, epilepsy, Crohn's disease, visual limitations, speech difficulties, asthma, hearing loss, or general ageing-related decline. 

The Sunflower lanyard scheme was launched in the UK in 2016 to help businesses support colleagues and customers who have hidden disabilities. The lanyard is designed as a discreet way to identify people who may need extra assistance. In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week (9th – 15th May 2022), we are urging people to be more aware of those wearing sunflower lanyards.  

Those who wish to participate in the program can collect a free sunflower lanyard from the B3Living office on Hoddesdon High Street, or at one of our local community hubs

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme is raising awareness about hidden disabilities, something that is close to our hearts at B3Living. We are delighted to be a member of the internationally recognised scheme and support our customers and community members that have hidden disabilities, to receive patience, kindness and understanding throughout their day. We are excited about our membership and look forward to supporting The Hidden Disability Sunflower scheme to raise awareness (including our own) of the challenges that people with hidden disabilities may face and support our community in becoming accessible for all.