Your safety

We can't compromise on safety. We get that home safety is hardly Netflix, but please take a few minutes to read this information. It's better to learn now, than to wait until you need to know.

If something happens and it's an emergency, always call 999 first. 

Call 999



What to do in an emergency

Each building is different, so it's important to know what advice applies to your block.

Emergencies are rare. But it’s still important to prepare for one, just in case. If something did happen, you need to act quickly and you don’t want to be going to Google to find out what to do!


  • Test your smoke alarm.
  • Close the doors inside your home when you go to bed.
  • Keep the doors to the hallways / stairwells closed.
  • Check your electrical appliances, especially anything from outside the UK (e.g. chargers).

There are a few other things to think about too. OK, they might not save your life, but they could make a difficult situation easier:

Evacuation procedure

Evacuation procedure

For Melbourne Court & Holdbrook residents

Staying put in an emergency

Staying put in an emergency

For all other blocks