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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

You've probably caught bits and pieces about fire safety in the news over the past few years - but how does all that relate to where you live? We set up a webinar so customers could ask us questions about:

  • Cladding
  • Fire doors
  • EWS1 forms
  • Plus any other safety-related topics

We were joined by Richie Stevens, a fire safety consultant who previously worked for the Fire Service as a firefighter and fire station manager. Also online we had our Executive Director (Chris), Head of Property Services (Russell) and Property Manager (Carl).

If you couldn't make it and would like to listen back - click this link to listen to a recording. This link opens in a new window.

Fast forward to...

  • 4.20 - fire risk assessments, what they mean and why you might receive one.
  • 13.50 - EWS1 forms, recent changes and what people looking to sell need to know.
  • 31.10 - building surveys and cladding, why we're doing surveys on blocks of flats and more info about cladding.
  • 35.40 - fire doors, upgrades coming in the near future. 
  • 37.40 - open Q&A. Here are the questions we were asked:

Questions from other customers...

  • Do front doors of flats need to be fire doors? And should hallway doors self-close?
  • Do you need a fire door between an open plan kitchen/living room and other rooms?
  • Who will pay for EWS1 surveys?
  • How long do they last for?
  • What happens if the regulations change again in a few years?
  • Will I need an EWS1 to remortgage?


The more we share knowledge, the safer everyone is at home