Problems with payments

Problems with payments

Friday, 13 May 2022

We've spotted that there was an issue with some payments in the last couple of weeks. 

Did this happen to you?

  • You made a payment but it didn't go through at the time.
  • So you tried to pay again.
  • Then you noticed that both payments had gone out of your account.

If this happened to you, we're very sorry about this.

There was an issue with our payment service that held up payments for a few days. This meant that the money that had been paid wasn't showing on the accounts or in rent statements, but it did go through eventually. We've raised the issue and it should be sorted now.

This was confusing and has meant that some people have paid twice.

If you're not sure whether this has happened to you, click the link below to check your rent statement through your myB3Living account. We've also included some FAQs below for anyone who has been affected.


Questions and answers

If you saw a name next to your B3Living payment, please don't worry.

This is the name of a B3Living colleague - but they are not responsible for the issue and your money definitely hasn't been paid to them. 

This is just a technical glitch that accidentally put a admin name against B3Living payments.

If you double paid and need a refund, drop us a call and let us know.

If your account is in credit, we can arrange a refund by BACS into your bank account.

You can request a refund through your myB3Living account or call us on 01992 453700.


Our Rents team are checking the accounts for everyone who has been affected, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Rent account query

Rent account query

Raise a question about your statement or account